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Hi my name is Simon Misra and this is my wonderful website. At the moment I have lots of ideas & am covered in paint. I love to be covered in paint!

I am a Graphic Designer working in Manchester. I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy it when an email pops through & says, "Hey Simon I'd like to commission you to do some work."

I have worked with such lovely people as Bren O'Callaghan's Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch & Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & 1977 Design to name but a few and we had a great old time! Come join the fun!

My hobbies are you. Tell me more...

Simon Misra

28th May 2011 No Comments

I Should Be So Lucky

Some of you may remember my blogs from a place called Myspace, others of you will have stumbled across my open letter to Tom Hanks in which I proposed he brought out his own kitchen condiment range & some of you will be coming to my blog for the first time. I imagine you’re reading this while sat on a beautiful mountain top, the breeze teasing your hair, a laptop perched seductively on your lap. Or maybe your racing through a forest strapped to the back of a raging bear! Your supple thighs gripping the wild beast’s haunches, as it pounds across the bracken & shrubbery. The fury of nature at your beck & call!

Whichever it is & wherever you are, I thank you for your eyes, your ears, your mind. So what will my blog be about? My blog will be about various things and maybe even various people, what I’ve been up to & perhaps what you’ve been up to!

But I digress, let us cast our minds back to our youth, when our loins first stirred. That awakening which we never anticipated and yet had always be destined for. I was reminded of this fateful time when I entered a competition on Talenthouse. The brief was to design a t-shirt for the Antipodean Queen of Pop, Kylie Minogue. I jumped at the chance as Miss Minogue was my first crush. At the time I thought we were destined to be together, I imagined our idyllic life on Ramsay Street, both of us wearing matching dungarees and getting up to high japes in the Ute. Hilarious perms ahoy! But alas it wasn’t meant to be, Kylie became uber famous, a pop star & an international icon. I went through puberty & drifted further into obscurity.

But this my friends is life. LIFE! What cruel twist and turns we take on the mysterious river known simply as ‘destiny’. Below you will see my t shirt designs, my love notes to Kylie. Once again I find myself under her spell!

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