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Hi my name is Simon Misra and this is my wonderful website. At the moment I have lots of ideas & am covered in paint. I love to be covered in paint!

I am a Graphic Designer working in Manchester. I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy it when an email pops through & says, "Hey Simon I'd like to commission you to do some work."

I have worked with such lovely people as Bren O'Callaghan's Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch & Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & 1977 Design to name but a few and we had a great old time! Come join the fun!

My hobbies are you. Tell me more...

Simon Misra

18th June 2011 No Comments

No Oil Painting.

I dismount from my trusty steed, lift my head up & clear my throat, “RAPUNZEL! RAPUNZEL! THROW DOWN YOUR HAIR! I WILL CLIMB UP AND READ YOU MY LATEST BLOG!” You of course, are Rapunzel. I am the Prince who has stumbled across your prison, I am also a master wig maker. I yearn to steal everything that erupts from your beautiful follicles. But I shall bide my time, your hair will be mine.

If i were a prince I would like to look like Ryan Reynolds, I am not sure whether I have a man crush on him or if my lust has turned into a sinister infatuation. But he is a dream boat & I would be his captain any day! I was going to paint a picture of Ryan, he would be stood atop a mountain, wearing the skin of a bear he had just slaughtered and screaming up at the moon as lighting strikes his brilliant white teeth. At this exact moment he would BECOME nature.

As it turns out this would have been a mammoth task & would only have been done true justice if painted over 10 feet high in oil paint. I have neither the time nor the skill to carry out this work. Instead I have produced a poster for the mysterious DJ duo known as ‘Cloth Ears’. It’s based on my love for Indian street art. Have I ever told you how much I love Indian street art? A fucking lot. It is but a small homage to the great talent that goes unsung on the highways & byways of the Asian giant known mysteriously as ‘India’. Check some images out on the t’interweb, you will not be disappointed. If you are send me an email, subject title, ‘Disappointed’. I will respond with an email, subject title, ‘LOOK AGAIN. INDIAN STREET ART IS AWESOME!’

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