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Hi my name is Simon Misra and this is my wonderful website. At the moment I have lots of ideas & am covered in paint. I love to be covered in paint!

I am a Graphic Designer working in Manchester. I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy it when an email pops through & says, "Hey Simon I'd like to commission you to do some work."

I have worked with such lovely people as Bren O'Callaghan's Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch & Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & 1977 Design to name but a few and we had a great old time! Come join the fun!

My hobbies are you. Tell me more...

Simon Misra

18th November 2011 No Comments

Totem Gesture

The earth shakes beneath your moccasin clad feet, the very bones & marrow of you vibrates as your heart pounds with unknown fear, but as you throw yourself to the ground & scream for mercy you realise it is just my latest blog thundering past your prone body on the buffalo plains know as the internet!

As you can already see my friends, my blog this week has a certain High Plains Drifter feel to it. I am immersed in the world of Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy of books. At the moment I am languishing in jail with his two heroes in Mexico. I hope to have escaped by the time I get off the train this evening. BUT WHO KNOWS!!! Ah, the wonder of books, how the commuter world around me falls away as I am whisked to exciting new places by words. Words, words, words.

The last book I read was Empire Of The Summer Moon about the Comanche tribes of America, a thoroughly riveting & blood thirsty read. All of it true as well which made it all the more terrifying. I am stuck on the proverbial bucking bronco of American literature at the moment & holding on for dear life as I am tossed & battered around by the eyes & mind. Tis a thrilling ride, though I fear saddle sores at the end of my journey.

Having read the Empire Of the Summer Moon I decided to create my own interpretation of a totem pole. It’s in honour of Quannah Parker, the greatest of The Comanche Chiefs & a man of considerable genius. BEHOLD! BELOW!

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