Hi, my name is Simon Misra.
I’m a Graphic Designer working in Manchester by day and an illustrator by night. A bit like Batman but with pens.

I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and love it when an email pops out of my inbox and says, “HEY LET’S DO SOME WORK!”
I have worked with Adidas, Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch n’ Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & Manchester University to name but a few.

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Unconvention Factory


Happy birthday to @lornamisra it is literally impossible to get a photo with these three peas in a pod looking the same way. I’m very lucky, always tired, but never bored. Thought my flat white tasted odd, got to the bottom & found a fucking tea bag in it. A new drink has been invented. The unholy marriage of tea & coffee in one beverage. The caffeine beast with two backs. Naming suggestions on a postcard. The winner will receive a free afternoon looking after my sons & I’ll go out & get disgracefully drunk. #archieandsol #misratwins A rare moment caught on camera, all of us together! Archie attempting his best smile & Solomon more interested in whatever was on the tv at that moment. Probably Justin Timberlake or Mr Tumble. #archieandsol @untamedukofficial is a new brand we worked on @agencyspringuk a unique hair care brand with some wild ideas & innovative products. Available to buy now! Give them a like & a follow. Excellent filming by @woolgatherfilms #branding #untamed #haircare Lovely to share the special wedding day of @clare_1710 & @satchelmouthpresents must be the first wedding I’ve been to & remained sober & it just proved that I am actually Fun Bobby from Friends. These were the only pictures I took all day. For the boys first wedding the synopsis is that Solomon is a social butterfly & Archie will go into full meltdown if in the company of any more than 6 people. Pictures taken as @lornamisra & I desperately tried & failed to maintain some kind of routine. Going on holiday tomorrow & I will be wearing my tangas pretty much non stop, 24-7. Yorkshire, prepare yourself. This morning’s sketch is called ‘Public Displays Of Affection’ and is dedicated to the couple sat across from me on the train who didn’t stop mauling each other on the morning commute. GET A ROOM. #illustration An empty park to themselves & they insist on being up in each other’s grills constantly. Absolute pair of space invaders. 👾👾#archieandsol Cricket pints with the lads. Thanks to the scary Scottish man that took the photo. Got a new bamboo stylus so drew a panda with it. #illustration Excellent night at the Manchester Society of Architects Awards. Great work by the team @agencyspringuk pulling all this together. @the_msa_  @alberthallmcr #msaawards2019 First self portrait on @procreate I bloody love this app! #illustration