Hi, my name is Simon Misra.
I’m a Graphic Designer working in Manchester by day and an illustrator by night. A bit like Batman but with pens.

I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and love it when an email pops out of my inbox and says, “HEY LET’S DO SOME WORK!”
I have worked with Adidas, Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch n’ Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & Manchester University to name but a few.

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Vote Or Die


Grounds For Divorce


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2001 A Space Odyssey


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Muscle Shoals




Digital Witness


Laced With Passion


Unconvention Factory


This picture of Sol & Archie as my phone screensaver always reminds me of the time Marlon Brando banished General Zod, Ursa & Non into a glass prison in Superman 2. Took a picture of myself with the baby monitor & it looks like a cross between The Blair Witch Project & a Bigfoot sighting. Love entering @secret7s every year. Been lucky enough to be picked twice. The first was @elbowofficial Grounds For Divorce & the second @st_vincent Digital Witness. Looking forward to submitting again this year. #secret7s Couldn’t find an @courtneymelba @milkrecords billboard in the UK so made my own. #milkrecords #courtneybarnett #tellmehowyoureallyfeel Apparently noses look 30% bigger in selfies, so as my nose is already 30% larger than the average aardvark I’m rocking a full 60% extra nose in this photo! ENJOY & DRINK IT IN. Fishes give you brains. #illustration Always nice to get exciting post & it doesn’t come much better than a limited edition @courtneymelba 7” arriving from @roughtraderecords . A delicious @milkrecords delivery. ZING! Can’t sleep, so from frustration comes illustration. #doodle Nothing lasts forever, one minute you there helping me illustrate projects, we laughed, we cried, sometimes I shouted at you in a fit of pique. It’s too late to say sorry now because last Saturday you left me with a bang & all I was left with was the acrid smell of loss. We spent many long years together & I will always remember you. Thanks to @owenaled for ripping your brain out so I could retrieve our final work together. GOOD NIGHT SWEET PRINCE. It’s not as chaotic as it looks. Of course I’m lying, it’s absolute chaos. #archieandsol #misratwins TRAIN. #train You had one fucking job to do you stupid umbrella bastard & you fucking failed. Whoever discarded your sorry red ass was so fucking angry they couldn’t even be bothered to smash you all the way into the fucking useless fucking bin that wasn’t able to accommodate you because it couldn’t do it’s fucking job either. I fucking hate useless bastards that dump umbrellas in bins like this. Almost as much as I find it amusing. #wiganpark #uselessbastards #fuckingumbrellas #bastardbins