Hi, my name is Simon Misra.
I’m a Graphic Designer working in Manchester by day and an illustrator by night. A bit like Batman but with pens.

I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and love it when an email pops out of my inbox and says, “HEY LET’S DO SOME WORK!”
I have worked with Adidas, Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch n’ Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & Manchester University to name but a few.

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Attempting to read in the new playhouse. It’s very cosy in the new playhouse. When you’re alone it’s nice to be in the new playhouse. I’m moving into the new playhouse. #archieandsol #misratwins Daily exercise. Taking it in turns to run around the band stand & beat personal bests with the pram. #archieandsol #misratwins LOCKDOWN GOOD FRIDAY HAT PARTY! We’re running out of ideas. 
It’s only week 3. 
#misratwins #archieandsol The reality of Mother’s Day in lock down. ✅ Piss pot
✅ Nappy Bins
✅ Lingering Twin eyeing up the aforementioned piss pot Back home with the boys after a long few days away. They were excited to see me but not as excited as when they realised I had a bowl of crisps resting on my crotch. Thanks to the legend that is @lornamisra for holding the fort, during half term, on her own, with these two loons. #archieandsol #misratwins Drove to Stirling in Scotland to recreate our own Premier Inn version of The Shining. Turns out it was more terrifying than the original film, spending a night with our sons in a pitch black room from 9pm. I checked the typewriter in the morning & I’d written ‘buffet breakfast’ backwards 800 times. #archieandsol #misratwins Luxurious train journey supping an @shindiggerbrewingco bevvie. Tastes as good as it looks! #trainbeer Nice walk this morning with the three amigos. Apart from the playground roundabout concussion incident. #misratwins #archieandsol Christmas Eve walk at the farm. Just as I said, “If one of these two falls over in the mud we are going home.” Archie face planted into a huge mud pit & we went home. There is mud everywhere. Mud is worse than sand. Merry Mudmas! The most sacred of all the train beers. The last one before the Christmas break, making the packed, angry, germ filled commute home magical for one night a year only. #trainbeer Lovely day celebrating Archie & Solomon’s 2nd birthday today. Involved some incredibly explosive nappies & tantrums. #archieandsol #misratwins 4 hours sleep can lead to poor decision making, such as “I know let’s try a solo trip to the park with the boys!” In the space of 20 minutes I suffered three heart failures & the peace of the park was destroyed by my shouts & commands to Archie & Solomon who gave exactly zero fucks for my mental wellbeing as they charged at pigeons & splashed through only the deepest puddles. #misratwins #archieandsol