Hi, my name is Simon Misra.
I’m a Graphic Designer working in Manchester by day and an illustrator by night. A bit like Batman but with pens.

I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and love it when an email pops out of my inbox and says, “HEY LET’S DO SOME WORK!”
I have worked with Adidas, Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch n’ Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & Manchester University to name but a few.

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Unconvention Factory


Chicken soup Korean style. Delicious if only for the fact the poultry’s last act was to give me the middle finger. Nice morning at Haigh Hall with the boys & @lornamisra. This was the brief moment when Archie & Solomon weren’t: (A) Screaming the place down
(B) Fast asleep
(C) Fouling themselves The most use my boxing gloves have had in the past 6 months. One round with the Misra twins at 6am is enough. 😂🥊💥🤪 First trip to see some art. 
1. Sat in front of a Mondrian. 
2. Sat in a lift that looked like a Mondrian.
3. Sat in front of Mum tired. Week off work so celebrating with a give me a T. Give me an R. Give me an A. Give me an I. Give me an N. Give me a fucking beer on public transport. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT? TRAIN BEER. #trainbeer After seven days in hospital Solomon has been reunited with his brother & normal service resumes. I love the NHS! Got my clobbering monkey feet out to keep the bounce up to an optimum speed to prevent double meltdown. #misratwins #archieandsol Archie half asleep & Solomon enjoying a mid feed sickie. Dad slightly hungover after first night of drinking in nearly five months. A 5.45am get up & total poo meltdown helps focus the mind. #archieandsol #misratwins SNAKES! SPIDERS! Finally got a pic of Archie & Sol in their prezzies from @orangesherrberrt & Max. Words we used to shout at each other when boozed up at uni. They will soon be following in their father’s footsteps & shouting random words at people, although having not consumed vast quantities of alcohol before hand. SNAAAAKKEESSSSS! SPIDEEERRRRSSSS! #archieandsol #misratwins Close up of the beautiful @dorothy_uk hip hop print that’s now taken pride of place on the landing. This picture of Sol & Archie as my phone screensaver always reminds me of the time Marlon Brando banished General Zod, Ursa & Non into a glass prison in Superman 2. Took a picture of myself with the baby monitor & it looks like a cross between The Blair Witch Project & a Bigfoot sighting. Love entering @secret7s every year. Been lucky enough to be picked twice. The first was @elbowofficial Grounds For Divorce & the second @st_vincent Digital Witness. Looking forward to submitting again this year. #secret7s