Hi, my name is Simon Misra.
I’m a Graphic Designer working in Manchester by day and an illustrator by night. A bit like Batman but with pens.

I also screen print a lot of my own illustration work. I am passionate about what I do and love it when an email pops out of my inbox and says, “HEY LET’S DO SOME WORK!”
I have worked with Adidas, Abandon Normal Devices Events, Scratch n’ Sniff Cinema, The Cornerhouse Manchester, The Goodall Gallery & Manchester University to name but a few.

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You had one fucking job to do you stupid umbrella bastard & you fucking failed. Whoever discarded your sorry red ass was so fucking angry they couldn’t even be bothered to smash you all the way into the fucking useless fucking bin that wasn’t able to accommodate you because it couldn’t do it’s fucking job either. I fucking hate useless bastards that dump umbrellas in bins like this. Almost as much as I find it amusing. #wiganpark #uselessbastards #fuckingumbrellas #bastardbins Was bored so drew Spider-Man FROM MEMORY on the train this morning. MEMORY #spiderman Not normally one for selfie’s but managed to get one with the boys. Solomon slept through the fiasco, Archie’s withering look up at me tells you his thoughts on watching his father press a camera button with his nose, followed by pulling stupid faces & poses till he got one passable photo. #archieandsol #misratwins This is the dark underbelly of Christmas that you don’t see. The discarded beetroot, the wailing pickle, the disenfranchised fruit loaf. When will people wake up to this forgotten seasonal horror show? After years of resistance I have finally succumbed to lounge wear. The struggle is real & yes those are @tommyhilfiger slippers. DEAL WITH IT. Although in my world the T & H stands for TENACIOUS HAWKS. They are very comfortable. It’s like walking round with your feet in a pair of sofas. GANGSTA COUCH. I wanted an afternoon nap but these two decided they wanted a ‘who can piss, scream, vomit & turd the most competition’. I won. 💦😫🤮💩🏆 #misratwins #archieandsol Here’s my best nine of 2017, it’s in a font called Foco Bold & has got me out of many a contemporary sans serif dilemma over the past year & no mistake. Thanks pal. #bestnine2017 One of me favourite Christmas presents from @lornamisra apart from identical twin boys was my @milkrecords hat!!! Will get Sol & Archie listening to @courtneymelba & @jencloher when they are a bit older. For now it’s more milk than records. Thanks to @barbarastewart for bringing it all the way back from Australia! #misratwins #archieandsol Finally finished the illustrations for the nursery & got them up on the wall. A is for... S is for... #archieandsol #illustration Solomon already trying to back away from kisses with me. COME ON IT’S MAD FRIDAY! We’re all milk drunk & vomiting on the sofa. #misratwins #archieandsol Diego is in a bit of a funk with all the changes at home so put one of his favourite funky albums on to cheer him up. He fucking loves The Meters, almost more than he loves killing rats the size of beavers & leaving their carcasses under the sofa. I’m sorry Hansel & Gretel but if you can’t see that this bug eyed old crone is hell bent on cooking and eating you then you deserve everything you get you candy mad ginger bread wankers.